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Thank you for visiting our website. We are a friendly club that offers an opportunity to enhance fitness and well-being through running and walking. There are several groups to suit different levels of ability and an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and has an opportunity to make new friends.

Our members take part in a variety of events locally, nationally and internationally too, and in many different disciplines such as road racing, cross country, trail and endurance. So, if you would like to experience anything from an evening walk, a short jog, a medium run, a marathon, an ultra or 5 miles in the mud then there are members who will gladly join you.

We also like to socialize and hold several events each year including a summer BBQ, winter curry night and a Christmas dinner. Individual club members often arrange other social events too.

For information about the club, our training times, involvement with local events, races and contact details can be found by using the above menu. Dates and times for all events can be found in the calendar opposite.

We hope you enjoy this website and that it whets your appetite to join us for a run, or walk, in the near future. We look forward to meeting you.

Phoenix Striders

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